The Value of a Smile by Orieen Hope

Cosmetic Dentist Serving Tustin, Orange, Santa Ana & Other Areas of Orange County

You have heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Did you ever consider how much your smile plays in that first encounter with someone.  Whether it is a first date, a job interview, meeting the future in-laws, or any other time when you meet someone for the very first time.  Do you know someone who covers their mouth when they laugh or when photographed?  Have you ever seen a picture of a celebrity who has everything going on, hair extensions, breast implants, botox, facelifts-but their teeth are a hot mess?  So why do you think someone’s smile or teeth are not a priority as the rest of the body?

It is pretty obvious that your face/smile/teeth are one of the first things that most people notice about another person.  It has been said that people who have gaps/spaces between their front teeth, are not perceived as intelligent.  Of course there are exceptions, but not many. The same can be said for teeth that are missing in the front or side of the mouth.  

With the advancements in cosmetic dental procedures, no one should ever be made to feel self-conscious about their smile.  One of most popular and quick fixes to an unattractive smile, are porcelain  veneers.  It requires 2 appointments, approximately 2-3 weeks apart, and can make a difference from night to day!  We have seen patients in tears after they see themselves in just the temporaries-tears of joy!  It is so gratifying to witness someone who previously was shy and embarrassed, blossom into a beautiful butterfly.

We had the privilege of transforming the smile of a former American Idol contestant some years ago. She had a voice that would knock your socks off and the determination to provide a better life for herself and her young daughter but was plagued with embarrassment because of her teeth.  She had large gaps/spaces between most of her teeth, top and bottom.  We worked at night and weekends to accommodate her rehearsal schedule and in 2 short weeks, she was transformed into a Hollywood star!

If you were to pick up any fashion/beauty/health magazine, you would find page after page of advertisements for beauty products that will firm, tighten, lighten, darken but how many do you see promoting a beautiful, healthy smile.  You can purchase an expensive, fancy car that you will trade-in after 5-10 years because it is dented, faded, leaking, and out of style and what will you have to show for your investment? If you put the same amount of money into restoring your mouth and enhancing your smile, you will look in the mirror every morning for the rest of your life and know that the next stranger you meet will smile back!