Non Surgical Face Lift Improves Appearance and TMJ Symptoms

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Did you know that as your teeth wear and become ground down the lower portion of your face collapses?  This process adds years to a person’s face.  In some people, it can look like they wear dentures and forgot to put them in that morning!  A person with ground down teeth, most likely caused from a destructive bite, causes the tip of their chin to draw closer to the tip of their nose when their mouth is at rest.    The entire lower third of a persons face will be shorter making facial creases and wrinkles much more prominent.

So, what can be done?  The answer lies in performing the non surgical facelift. Adding the length and height back to the teeth that have been worn away can restore the lower third of a persons face to its original youthful proportions. This can be done with crowns and veneers that restore the worn down teeth to their original size. Using Neuromuscular dental techniques and computerized equipment not only will restore the teeth to their original size and shape, but will correct the destructive bite that caused the teeth to be so severely damaged to begin with.

Many patients with a destructive bite suffer from a variety of symptoms including severe headaches, vertigo, ear congestion, and jaw joint pain. These symptoms can impact and interfere with their day to day lives.  Patients with severe symptoms also rely on drugs to get through their days as well.  By correcting a persons destructive bite the non surgical dental face lift procedure offers hope for those who are suffering from these conditions.  The procedure simultaneously blends the improvement of facial esthetics with the functional aspects of relieving painful and life interfering head and neck symptoms.

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