Non Surgical Dental Face Lift

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This is a pt I recently finished a full mouth rejuvenation on. The veneers on the patients front teeth alone make a huge difference in his smile. A more subtle difference is noticeable in the lower third of his face, however. Before starting the reconstruction, the patients upper teeth almost completely obscured his lower teeth. By restoring not only his front teeth, but his back teeth as well, we were able to restore his teeth back to their original height and size after years of grinding and wear. The years of wear and grinding had the effect of allowing the edge of his chin to drift closer to his nose when he bit down resulting in the collapse of the lower third of his face. This procedure is also coined the "non surgical dental face lift" because it makes our patients look younger by improving the appearance of the lower third of their face. By lengthening the lower third of a persons face it will appear slightly thinner as well. If you look closely at the before and after photographs you can see the facial differences. I used sophisticated equipment to evaluate and establish how much tooth to rebuild and to establish an ideal bite relationship using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry. This procedure is not done haphazardly and not by estimating or "eye balling" the new bite position.

The benefits of the "non surgical dental face lift" or smile rejuvenation to the patient are numerous. The appearance of his smile is dramatically improved. He states he can't believe he went around so long with his smile looking the way it did. He says that since the procedure, he looks more like his siblings in the face whose teeth are not worn away as drastically as his were. The improvement to his facial appearance while not unexpected is an added benefit to his smile rejuvenation/smile makeover!