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I hated to smile. I had bulky crowns and blue lines. My tooth color was flat. I was so self-conscious that my best friend told me to come see Dr. Henry. The warm atmosphere of the office made me feel immediately comfortable, and their technology was very impressive. I had 10 veneers and a crown. Now I love my smile! It’s the best thing I ever did for myself.


I had spaces in between my teeth, and over time they had chipped and discolored. I smiled with my mouth closed. I have been watching TV makeover shows, so I talked to Dr. Henry about enhancing my smile. With only four veneers, he transformed my smile. I get compliments all the time! He and his team are great. They’re like friends. I feel so at home here, sometimes I’ll just stop by to say ‘hi!’


I had headaches, neck pain, and Aaron factions. I clenched my jaw‘s, woke up every morning with my jaw aching, and I had worn my front teeth down to points from grinding them. My wife was a patient of Dr. Henry and she told me to see him. I was so surprised at the changes in dentistry that he offered! He recommended a full mouth restoration. I talk to him for a year and a half. I did my research, and finally decided to have Dr. Henry do the procedure. It was absolutely the right decision. The pain is gone. I smile more now and my wife really likes my appearance.


I loved my smile and I wanted to keep it that way. But a filling behind my front tooth was creating a dark shadow. Dr. Henry placed six veneers on my front teeth and I’m thrilled with the results. Nobody has noticed. My smile looks identical to the way it looked before, except for the dark spot, which is exactly what I wanted!


‘Demanding’ doesn’t begin to describe my demeanor when it came to something as important as my smile. I started by interviewing numerous doctors. I chose Dr. Henry because of his experience. I was thrilled with him because his entire staff remained patient, friendly, and eager to please despite my constant questions, challenges, and demands.


My teeth were small, worn down and I had an overbite. I had consulted an orthodontist but I didn’t want to wear braces for two years. So I talked to Dr. Henry about my options. He recommended a full mouth rejuvenation. Overtime my teeth had worn down in the position of my job changed. My teeth were restored to their optimum shape, size, and position —with careful attention to my bite — using porcelain veneers. I look like I have had a facelift, yet it is so natural and healthy looking that most people don’t notice that I have had anything done.


I always wanted to have a nice smile, but my teeth were too small for my face. They just weren’t as perfect as I wanted them to be and I felt self-conscious about it. Dr. Henry did a full mouth restoration, returning my teeth to their optimal size, shape, and position. Now I have a straight white smile I feel confident about showing. People are just blown away by my smile it looks and feels completely natural.


I had a gap between my front teeth, chipped bottom teeth, and a cracked front tooth that was getting thin. I was always afraid something was going to break while I was on a business trip. Dr. Henry is our family dentist and had done some cosmetic work for my wife. It looked great so I went to see him too. I had four veneers placed on my teeth and the difference is amazing. The best part is that people don’t know I have had anything done. It looks so good that they think it is my natural smile.


I had gold crowns that were beginning to look yellow and I hated it. I wanted for veneers, but it was important to me to find an LVI doctor. So I did my homework and found out that Dr. Henry is not only a graduate of LVI but he is also a clinical instructor there! He placed porcelain veneers on my upper arch. Now I love my smile. I don’t know why you’d go anywhere else.


I was conscious of not having a white, pretty smile and I had ground down my teeth. When I open my mouth, my jaw would grind. I had migraines; neck and shoulder pain; and stuffy, popping ears. However, I didn’t attribute any of them to my bite! When I came to Dr. Henry for whitening, we had talked about my smile and my symptoms. That’s when I found out that my bite was causing all of my problems. Dr. Henry is one of the few dentists in the country practicing neuromuscular dentistry. He determine the best position for my jaw and begin a full mouth restoration. Now my chronic pain is gone and I have a beautiful, white, straights smile I love it.