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Woman after dental implants from Orange Center for Cosmetic DentistryIf you are missing any teeth, it can hurt your confidence and self-esteem. You may find that you cover your mouth or avoid smiling so that others won’t notice this dental issue. To make matters worse, empty spaces in your mouth can cause functional problems and lead to jawbone deterioration if left untreated.

Dental implants, also known as tooth implants, are a popular option among our Orange County patients for permanent tooth replacement. For missing or severely damaged teeth, dental implants provide a durable solution to return your smile to its full potential.

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are essentially replacement tooth roots. They are made of a durable titanium material, which has the amazing ability to fuse to the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Like the root of a tooth, an implant is secured in the jawbone and is not visible after it is placed.

 Implants promote healthy jaw function. They also provide a sturdy base for replacement teeth. Crowns and other customized restorations can be attached to the implant, restoring the appearance and function of your smile.

Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Henry may recommend one of the following applications to improve the look of your smile:

  • Single Tooth Implants: To replace a single tooth, Dr. Henry will place a tooth-colored crown over one implant. This crown will blend seamlessly with your smile.
    Single tooth implant
  • Implant Bridges:  Implant bridges utilize the same artificial root structure as a single tooth implant, but are used when two or more adjacent teeth are missing.  This is often referred to as a “fixed bridge” because the bridge is cemented into place over the implants. A fixed bridge supported by implants can eliminate the need for an ill-fitting removable partial denture and provide a more comfortable chewing experience.   
    Implant bridge
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: An implant-supported denture is a prosthesis that is secured by dental implants but still has the convenience of being removable. Implant supported dentures contain a snap or clip that secures the denture into place on two to five implants.  A denture supported by implants can offer a chewing efficiency of up to 90% that natural teeth provide. 
    Implant-supported denture

Dental Implant Benefits

Dental implants are an increasingly popular solution to the problem of missing teeth. While there are a few alternatives to this treatment, the numerous benefits associated with dental implants tend to make them the preferred choice.

Dental implants offer several remarkable benefits, including:

  • Permanently replacing one or more teeth
  • Restoring the ability to chew and enjoy eating
  • Preventing jawbone shrinkage normally associated with tooth loss
  • Allowing you to confidently smile, laugh, and talk without worrying about your teeth
  • Being relatively low-maintenance  
  • Eliminating the hassle and embarrassment of adhesive dentures

Modern dental implants have been used to replace missing teeth for over 30 years. With clinical success rates of over 90%, dental implants are the right choice for millions of patients across America to restore the health and beauty of their smiles

Who is a candidate for Dental Implants?

You may be a candidate for dental implants if you are looking for a safe and effective way to replace one or more missing teeth. Dr. Henry will happily discuss your dental implant candidacy during your appointment.

Ideal dental implant candidates:

  • Are in good general health
  • Have sufficient jaw bone density to support an implant
  • Have healthy gum tissue
  • Are committed to maintaining a good oral hygiene routine
  • Are willing to attend regularly scheduled dental cleanings

Dr. Henry will examine the condition of your teeth and gums and talk about your medical history to see if implants are right for you. He will also go over the details of the procedure and let you know what to expect.

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Millions of Americans have dental implants. Are you ready to find out if it is the right solution for you?

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