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As the youngest child in my family, I didn’t have braces and, consequently, had spaces in between my teeth. Dr. Henry had been my dentist for years and we had talked about improving my smile. He even showed me what the results look like with the digital imaging of my smile. When I finally decided it was time for me I had a full mouth reconstruction, restoring 21 teeth to their natural shape, size, and position. I would recommend this procedure procedure. But make sure the dentist has experience, training, and qualifications to do this level of dentistry—like Dr. Henry.


I broke my front tooth in college, and as a result, it would turn black. I tried to hide it when I smiled. I saw many dentists who told me that they could whiten my tooth temporarily. Only Dr. Joe told me it could be fixed. He placed 18 years on my front teeth, and now I get compliments all the time. I’m a horrible patient but everyone made me feel so comfortable I feel at home in his office.


My teeth have shifted it causing gaps. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t like what I saw. I felt very self-conscious about how I looked - I tried not to smile. It is difficult to interact with people every day and have to hide your smile. When I came to Dr. Henry’s office the first thing I noticed was the personal, sweet spirit about the place. Dr. Henry is so gentle; he really cares about you. He recommended bridges and dental implants to restore my smile and now I feel fabulous. People tell me I have a gorgeous smile. I have to agree. If I had only known about Dr. Henry sooner, I would have save myself some hard My teeth have shifted, causing gaps


I'm bad at taking care of my teeth. I wanted to feel healthier. But when I saw the pictures of patients on Dr. Henry's walls, I realized I wanted to look better too. I didn't know what I needed to have done, so Dr. Henry showed me a variety of options to restore my smile to health. He restored cavities, removed old crowns, and placed veneers on my front teeth. My smile not only looks wonderful, it feels great too. I get so many compliments now. My smile is healthier. The result is great.


"I was always the ugly duckling of the family, embarassed by my gappy, crooked smile. Not anymore! Dr. Henry put 8 upper veneers on my teeth and I feel so much better about myself. I have lost weight, my close friends comment about it, my co-workers are jealous. I would recommend Dr. Henry to anyone. He is so genuine and he does excellent work."


I'm so thankful for what Dr. Henry and Orieen have done for me. Never in a million years did I ever dream I could have a Hollywood Smile like the one I have now.